Scope Of Business

Perfect customization and design production

Product solutions

Provide customers with motherboard development of rockchip and Intel platforms, whole machine scheme design, software development customization, or secondary customization development and technical support of hardware and software based on agent (Firefly) open source platform and its supporting services; Design experience covers multiple operating systems, including windows, Android, Linux, Ubuntu, debian11, buildroot, RTLinux, domestic systems: Kirin Linux, Tongxin UOS, etc.

PCB layout design and PCBA manufacturing services

Provide customers with multi-layer HDI high-speed PCB layout design; PCB making, BOM purchasing, SMT patch production, whole machine assembly and testing services.



NPU Integrated Computing

NPU integrated computing solution — a CPU (RK3399) and multiple NPUs (RK1808) combine to an AI cluster with ultra-high computing power and simultaneous AI computing capability. The solution can not only increase the computing power, but also control the costs flexibly with higher cost performance.